Budget-Friendly and Quick Home Furnishing Ideas

Renovating your home décor and changing your home furnishing is often a major task for you need a big amount of money and you need to spend a lot of time planning. When you hire interior designers, you will save time because they will do the planning and they will hire carpenters, electricians and installers for you, but the cost is high. However, if you will spend some of your time planning and looking for contemporary home furnishing and home designs online or from home décor magazines, you can save a huge amount of money.

Minimal Design Home Furnishing

You can look for do-it-yourself on how to revamp your home décor and home furnishing through online. You can also look for tips on how to look for inexpensive home decor but of quality so you can save some money.   Look for ways on how you can revamp your home décor from changing your old curtains and matching them with your furniture and wallpapers. There are easy, inexpensive and quick redecorating tips available if you are patient enough to look whether from magazines or online.

Budget-Friendly and Easy Home Décor and Home Furnishing Tips

Below are cheap decorating tips to give your home decoration a spruce up:

  • If you want a modern home décor and modern home furnishing, you can change or update your wallpaper and wall color into a more modern shade that will match your floor carpet or tiles. Modern wall colors are mostly in light colors like white and the floor are mostly dark colored tiles like gray or black.
  • Update your chandelier and lampshades with new ones in more fashionable shapes or basically fresh white shades to brighten up your room. Change your overhead lighting like old chandeliers from a thrift store and paint them with white or you can add extra crystal drops which you can find from lighting stores. To install them, you can hire professional electricians or you can ask the thrift store if they offer free installation to save money.


Beautiful Modern Home Furnishing

  • Paint is the usual renovation remedy. Instead of repainting the whole room, you can just paint one wall in a main color or paint a complementary rectangle over a sofa to use as a passageway space. You can paint your ceiling with a lighter color which is lighter than your wall color. If you have a bookshelf, you can paint the insides with unexpected colors which are darker than your wall. You can also update the color of your kitchen or other rooms in your home with the same home furnishing ideas. You can buy paints from paint stores who knows how mix the paints for you if you don’t want to hire painters. They can even advice what brushes and rollers to use to have the best results.
  • You can update your window coverings by matching them with your new wall color. You can find modern and readymade draperies from home décor stores like IKEA and other home stores.  You can fold or shorten the length to the right size of the draperies or just leave them hanging on the floor. You can also make your own from designer outlet fabrics and hang them on attractive new curtain rods which you can also find from home décor stores that are available in different sizes.


Find Cheap Home Furnishing Design Ideas

  • You can pull your living room or any room together by selecting two contrasting colors like black and white or white and one bright or darker color. You can use them as a repeating theme color all through your home, such as yellow and white throw pillows your sofa, or blue walls and all white furnishings.
  • Here’s a simple but a very effective tip: Edit your decorations. Too much of a good stuff is not quite good. Try to take all your old home décor and furnishing and putting them in a box and storage area, then try to put them back one by one where you think they will be appropriate and have the most impact.
  • Take down all your paintings and other wall décor and try to move them to different walls or other rooms. It will look like a new one if it will be transferred to other rooms or walls.
  • You can also make a gallery wall of your family’s photos and other small pictures in contrasting or matching frames. You can arrange them in collage on a vacant wall such as the hallway or stairwell. You can first create a plan by assembling them on the floor until you get the best design you want for your collage to get the best results. To have a stylish result, a great arrangement is always necessary. You can look for cheap mouldings for your collage from box stores and paint them with contrasting colors or white.
  • If you want to use a new carpet, you can look from carpet stores some remnants of a modern and quality carpet that can fit to your area. If the remnants don’t fit well on your area, you can have the store bind them for you or you can bind the edges yourself with carpet binding tape or do some hand sewing.
  • For kitchen renovation: If you want to re-tile the floor on your kitchen, you can replace your old tile with a porcelain tile or a elegant style tiles if you have budget that has hand painted designs. You can also buy some potted fresh plants or herbs like rosemary or basil and paint their pots with three coordinating colors. You can put the pots in your kitchen windowsill to add more color and life to it. It can also give a fresh look and aroma to your kitchen.


Minimal Design Ideas for Contemporary Home Furnishing

  • For bathroom accessories: You can look for modern accessories for your bathroom from bathroom boutiques that sell high-end products like pretty Japanese designs such as potted miniature or Bonsai bamboo or other sleek contemporary designs. You can replace your bathroom shower curtain and curtain hooks a modern design that matches your other bathroom accessories. Replace your old faucet with a new modern one. Look for local hardware stores that sell cheaper but quality faucets
  • For bedroom décor: You can repaint your bedroom ceiling, wall and change your carpet. Replace your overhead light and lampshades with a new wall lampshade above your bed’s headboard. You can also look for glass lampshades with white or black contrasting colors for a modern feel. You can even change your bulb color with pink or rosy color light for a more romantic glow.
  •  Check Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, IKEA and other home décor stores in your local area or cheap home furnishing for your bedroom, kitchen, living room and other rooms at your home regularly for great finds.

Home decorating and furnishing ideas is not a major project or task at all if you know how to look for cheap, easy and quick ways. All you need is persistence and great tips like mentioned above to have a modern décor home or give your home a fresh look without breaking a sweat and in a budget-friendly way. You can either buy new furniture from thrift stores or use your old ones and try to paint them to match your ceiling painting, floor carpet or tiles and wall painting. Whether you use old or new furnishing for your modern home decor, always make sure that they complement with each other.